Projekt Erasmus + obejmujący sześć szkół w Hiszpanii, Turcji, Polsce, Rumunii i Macedonii.


Developing our students in STEM and Coding, 21st century skills that will enable them to be successful in this field, Creativity, Communication skills,Intellectual curiosity, Critical thinking, Information and Media literacy skills, Cooperation skills, Problem-defining-formulating-solving skills. Thanks to our cooperation with our foreign partners to grow up, it is to create a process that will benefit from the experience of Europe in the field of STEM within the framework of the exchange of good practices. Project activities are based on sharing good practices among project partners and adapting all activities to all schools.
Teachers in project partner schools will create project-based learning awareness that will raise the students who will make innovations that will add value to life by taking the theoretical information revealed by the basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology (science) and mathematics blending it with the practice of technology and engineering. Since there is no engineering cycle in the classical curriculum in our project partner schools, a project process is aimed at developing teachers’ skills to integrate the Engineering cycle into their lessons.The traditional classroom environment increases the indifference to STEM instead of attracting students to participate in STEM fields. ‘With the 'Design Workshops’, we aim to create a new educational approach that aims to help the project partner schools gain interdisciplinary cooperation, systematic thinking, being open to communication, ethical values, research, production, creativity and the ability to solve problems in the most appropriate way.

Thanks to the project, in our Project partner schools:

  • Science and Math classes will be taught with STEM based.
  • Web 2.0 tools will increase in use in lessons.
  • We will integrate engineering design into our education curricula with our Design Workshops.
  • An understanding of education will develop in which awareness of coding and STEM is formed.
  • An innovative school atmosphere will be created which gas gained competence to train students who can design what they think with their Design Workshops, has produced, researched and adopted project-based education.