Projekt Erasmus + obejmujący sześć szkół w Hiszpanii, Turcji, Polsce, Rumunii i Macedonii.

ZespoI Szkol

ZSO 5 IV LO z OMS im. Marynarzy WOP in Gdańsk, at the Baltic Sea, (Poland) is a 75 year old ,higher secondary school, with 50 well-qualified teaching staff and 500 students, aged 15-19.These teenageers undergo 3 or 4 year long course of studying depending on the previous primary or gymnasium system of education. Our school leavers are supposed to pass both O and A level exams at the age of 19 to be awarded the school certificates which will allow them to go to university. Students here have a choice of mastering such foreign languages as: German, Russian and English. There are different class profiles to choose from: police, military, medical, public security, customs service, media & mediation and in terms of the profile, pupils wear suitable uniforms. Since September 2019 to our school joined sports championship branch which specialises in volleyball. What might be surprising, students who spend a lot of hours on volleyball training every day and have very little time left for studying, are these students who are among the best ones.
Teenagers can attend after school sports clubs of football, volleyball, self- defence, music and volunteering.Students can have lunch in a school canteen, read a book in a library, go to sauna and take advantage of access to two vending machines with healthy snacks and drinks. All rubbish is sorted out into 5 bins for glass, metal/plastic, paper, bio and the rest. In the school area there are athletic pitches and „Orlik” 2012 playground for football, volleyball, basketball and handball. Besides, the school building contains 2 gyms, ballet and theatre rooms.
This is the second EU project in ZSO 5 in Gdańsk.Participating in it, our youth wants to broaden their horizons and develop themselves in this international team. We hope they develop a kind of passion for science, as well as, critical thinking, creativity and so-called intellectual curiosity.
In addition, students for sure will develop team collaboration, problem formulation and solving abilities to coding, robotics, 3D design, and Web.2.0.
This work on the project will undoubtedly contribute to expanding the circle of friends among various national and cultural groups, strengthening the sense of tolerance and understanding for European values. But we all also know how important is knowledge in the field of STEM subjects and using ICT, especially nowadays, in fast developing and competitive labour market, which requires putting theory smoothly into practice and where ability to speak foreign languages seems to be so vital. So why not encourage our students to become more interested and at the same time more involved in creating their own idea of themselves as happier people and better future employees, well – equipped in all necessary skills required in the professional career. That is our goal and we will tend to achieve it.