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Stem in the Life- SPIRU HARET, Romania

        „Spiru Haret” National College was founded in 1913, in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. At first as a gymnasium, in 1920 it became a high school and was named after Spiru Haret, an academician, a mathematician, a Romanian teacher, and a reformer of the Romanian education. In 2013 the College entered the Centenary Colleges category. Situated in the heart of the capital, behind the National Theater, our high school has around 8,000 square meters. The high school is equipped with video projectors in each of the 36 classrooms, computer labs, internet connection, SMART boards, printers, and audio-video monitoring, a 3D printer in the center of robotics.  
In the school year 2019-2020, the high school had 1,080 pupils enrolled in a total of 36 gymnasium and high school classes. There are 4 grades (1 grade per level) in middle school and 8 in each year of high school study (there are four), structured on profiles as follows:
❖ real (mathematics-computer science, natural sciences)
❖ human (philology and social -sciences)
Some of these classes study English in a bilingual or intensive way or French intensive.
Our College ranks third in the top high schools in Bucharest, after high school admissions. The intellectual quality and cognitive potential of our pupils are also reflected in the results obtained during the Baccalaureate Exam. In addition to these school performances, we also note participation in school Olympics. In recent years, numerous awards have been won in city phase competitions and National Olympiads.

Our school operates on a semester cycle school year. The curriculum is divided into two profiles: the Sciences profile (including the specializations: Mathematics- Computer Sciences Intensive English, Mathematics- Computer Sciences and Natural/ Life Sciences) and Humanities profile (including Philology and Social Sciences). Depending on the profile and specialization, the students have different curricula and requirements. The sciences profile is more demanding and well- rounded, students being required to take all the subjects available for all four years, with more classes for their specific specialization, while at the humanities profile the science classes are required more classes for social studies and foreign languages, based on their specialization. Students are offered extensive curricula featuring Romanian Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Logic, Musical Education, Information and Communication Technology, Economy, Geography.

Extracurricular activities
At the request and involvement of our students, high school teachers have initiated numerous competitions at the level:
❖ Local: „Magic words”, creative contest in English, „LiRegal” contest in French
❖ inter-county – „SpirArt”, with the Visual Arts and Music sections
❖ National: National Competition of Mathematics „Laurentiu Panaitopol”, National Contest of Informatics „Adolescent Grigore Moisil”
A respected tradition every year is „Alumni Day,” celebrated on December 12, a day that brings former students to a place. The College has various extracurricular activities and clubs: robotics, reading, guitar, debates, photography, mathematics, and drawing.

Special Programs and Organizations:

  • European Computer Driving License- Spiru Haret National College is a certified ECDL testing center, a world-wide recognized license that certifies a student’s ability to use computer software including Microsoft Windows, Office, etc.
  • Language Proficiency Examinations Preparatory Courses- students are offered certified preparatory courses for the DELF, DELE and Cambridge language tests (PET, FCE, CAE)

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