Proyecto Erasmus + en el que participan seis centros educativos de España, Turquía, Polonia, Rumanía y Macedonia

First Mobility «IES La Arboleda» Spain

From 3 to 9, October. Tje «IES La Arboleda». It welcomed the first mobility. The teachers stayed at the NH hotel.

On Monday it was the turn of the presentations of the participating countries, but before that there was a guided tour of the facilities, highlighting the rooms for the Professional Training of image and sound modules.

In the afternoon we visited the Alcorcón glass museum. There, a retired volunteer, a former museum worker, told us about the works and their authors.

On tuesday we visited Segovia.

An impressive aqueduct from the days of the Roman Empire, with 167 arches held together only by the balance of forces, and a fortress which could have inspired the creators at Disney.

On Wednesday it was the turn of visiting the IES las musas. This educational center has opted for a quality education based on research projects, and has made a strong economic investment in facilities creating pleasant spaces for cooperative work and entrepreneurship.

On Thursday, we visited Toledo.

Christians, Muslims and Jews. Followers of the three religions lived side by side for centuries and left their mark in Toledo. It is one of Spain’s most interesting and intriguing cities, where you can see a Gothic cathedral, a 10th century mosque and two synagogues in the space of just a few metres. 

Felipe, our native guide, enlivened the visit with interesting historical facts and anecdotes about the monuments.

On the last day, we received an interesting speech about STEM in business field in Sapin .

After that, we discussed about the project, the responsibilities of each country and the dates of the next mobilities.

At night, in Madrid, we go to a flamenco show and dine on the traditional calamari sandwiches.

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